NSAI Gainesville, FL Chapter

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Cypress and Grove Brewery
1001 NW 4th Street,
Gainesville. Fl 32601.

August 21, 2019 (monthly on the third Wednesday of the month)
Cypress and Grove Brewery
1001 NW 4th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601
United States
Bring your original song with 5-6 copies of lyrics for suggestions and feedback.

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Pete Garfinkel
Jesse Farnham
Jim Allen

Chapter News and Events

Your chance to get a single song contract with OLE. Each NSAI chapter will vote on one song for submission.
NSAI Gainesville OLE Chapter Challenge will take place at our next meeting.
Date: April 17, 2019
Time: 6:30pm-9pm
Cypress and Grove Brewery
1001 NW 4th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

• You must be an NSAI Member (non-expired) to play a song
• Songs must be played as a recording (no live performances, bring your song on a cd)
• You must be an NSAI Member to vote on the song submissions
• Members can vote even if they don't have a song submitted for voting
• Coordinators songs will not be in consideration during the voting rounds at the chapter meetings to maintain impartiality.
• Coordinators can't be co-writers on the chapter member submissions to avoid any bias.
• Based on the volume of submissions- coordinators reserve the right to limit song listening session to 1st verse and chorus if necessary.
• Although you can attend multiple chapter meetings and submit one song at each for the voting round, If you are selected as the winner at one chapter, you cannot win at another.
• Contact Kalee Reeves for any additional questions at kalee@nashvillesongwriters.com
We will announce the individual chapter winners in May after all names and songs have been collected by NSAI.

MORE NEWS: Friday, May 24, NSAI Songwriters night is on at Cypress & Grove. More info at the meeting April 17th.

NSAI News and Events


Statement by Nashville Songwriters Association International
Nashville, Tennessee (July 05, 2019) – The U.S. Copyright Office today chose the industry-consensus Mechanical Licensing Collective, or MLC, to be the new agency to oversee licensing of digital mechanical royalties for American songwriters.

“Songwriters have looked forward to this incredible advance in music licensing for years,” said Steve Bogard, award-winning songwriter and President of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).  “The MLC creates a number of historic gains for American songwriters.  These gains include, for the first time, our participation in the governance of a mechanical rights agency on both board and committee levels. We are, for the first time, guaranteed an activity-based share of unclaimed funds.  And the cost of collecting our royalties is, for the first time, paid for by the streaming companies instead of being deducted from our songwriter earnings.”

“NSAI is very proud of our role in crafting guarantees for songwriter inclusion in the MLC governance, stipulating the payment methodology for unclaimed funds and mandating transparency.  These things were all achieved as part of the Music Modernization Act.  These landmark accomplishments also included heading up the national selection process for MLC songwriter board and committee members,” Bogard continued.

Now the MLC will set about the business of hiring a staff and preparing to ensure the new collective can efficiently license tens of millions of songs by January 1, 2021.  The MLC, while awaiting designation, has been working tirelessly and is well on its way to achieving that goal.  The Mechanical Licensing Collective was spearheaded by the National Music Publishers Association, NSAI and the Songwriters of North America (SONA).  The MLC was endorsed by nearly the entire American music industry when it submitted its application to the U.S. Copyright Office earlier this year.


Have you been thinking of joining us at Song Camp 2019? It's right around the corner and there are only a few registration spaces remaining. Bonus - If you are an NSAI member you save $100 off of the registration price! 

In case you missed it, the incredible songwriter-singer Craig Campbell will be participating as this year's featured closing guest speaker where he will speak on his career journey, talk about his latest EP, "See You Try," and perhaps even play a song or two!


Every year, NSAI's Song Camp brings together over 20 industry professionals and songwriters under one roof, ready to guide and educate the songwriters of tomorrow. Whether you've written one song or hundreds of songs, these three days will leave you ready to hit the ground running with your writing, feeling inspired and equipped with the knowledge of how to work on your writing to start creating your best material yet. Song Feedback, co-writing, networking, demo advice, goal setting...that's just the start of what you can expect at Song Camp! Check out the official event page for more details HERE, we hope to see you there!


Song Camp: July 18-20, 2019 (Registration information coming soon)
Advanced Song Camp: July 25-27, 2019 (Registration information coming soon)