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Meetings consist of reviewing a lesson on the craft of songwriting or a music business related subject. We then host a feedback session where participants share a song with the group. Members should bring a song to share and lyric sheets for the group.

May 20, 2024
6:30 pm
25 S. Oklahoma Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
United States
The OKC Chapter of NSAI brings togther a community of songwriters to support their success & celebrate their craft. Info about monthly Chapter Meetings and upcoming events below!

2021 NSAI Chapter of the Year and winner of the 2024 NSAI Chapter Impact Award!



Bryan Mitschell
Nancy Borum

Chapter News and Events




The Oklahoma City Chapter of Nashville Songwriters Association International currently holds Chapter Meetings on one Monday of every month, 6:30pm CST. Meetings can be joined either in-person or virtually, and are open to both NSAI Members and to the public! Meetings consist of a brief presentation by Chapter Coordinators on some element of songwriting craft, followed by opportunities for all participants to share one song they've written and receive peer feedback about their song from everyone else in attendance.  There is also plenty of discussion, networking and mingling.  Songwriters of all genres and all levels of ability are welcome.



May 20th - 6:30pm to 9:00pm (Annual Chapter Challenge)

June 17th - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

July 15th - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

August 19th - 6:30pm to 9:00pm

September 16th - 6:30pm to 9:00pm



The OKC Chapter's monthly meetings take place in the Songwriting Room on the first floor of the Academy of Contemporary Music, centrally located in the Bricktown area.  The building address is 25 S. Oklahoma Ave, Oklahoma City, 73104 (click here for map).Enter from the East door. Free street-side parking is available North of the building along the streets Sheridan, Oklahoma and Main (these are metered parking spots but the meters are non-active during meetings).  Two pay lots are also available immediately to the North and South of the building.



Anyone who wishes to join an OKC Chapter Meeting virtually online can receive a private weblink to join the meeting one of three ways.  

  • NSAI Message Inbox: NSAI Members affiliated with the OKC Chapter receive virtual joining links (along with all other information on this page) to their message inboxes on the NSAI website.
  • Facebook Group Event Description: Those who are part of the OKC Chapter's private Facebook Group can find the joining link (along with all other information on this page) in the description of the Facebook Events created for each Chapter Meeting.  
  • Request Through Contact Form:For those who are not NSAI Members nor a part of the Facebook Group, they may reach out to Chapter Coordinators utilizing the Chapter's contact form (click here) and request the join link be sent to them.  

Coordinators recommend anyone who wishes to attend virtually download and install the Zoom application (click here) to whatever device they wish to join the meeting from.  It is not a requirement, but will typically produce a better meeting experience.



Bringing an original song to share with the group is not a requirement to participate in the meeting.  But for those who do wish to share a song, there are a few options for how you can present it to the group.  

  • Upload a recording: Whether attending virtually or in-person, participants can provide an audio file recording of their song for Coordinators to play during the meeting. Recordings can take the form of an audio file and lyric sheet submitted in advance of the meeting using our online song submission form (click here, and don't forget to click the "upload" buttons before finishing the form).  Please have these files uploaded at least one hour before the meeting time.
  • Bring a recording: Those attending in-person may also bring an audio file of their recording to a meeting on a flash drive or personally owned playback device with an 1/8" (headphone) jack. Lyric sheets can also be given in the form of a text file on a flash drive or sent in advance using the online song submission form (click here, and don't forget to click the "upload" buttons before finishing the form). Additional paper copies of their lyric sheets for in-person attendees are also welcome.
  • Perform live:Both in-person and virtual attendees may bring their needed instruments to the meeting and perform their song in real-time for the group.  Please note that participants who wish to attend virtually but still perform live are encouraged to familiarize themselves with how to adjust settings in the Zoom application in order for the sound of their instrument not to be perceived by the software as "noise" and be subjected to noise suppression.  Lyric sheets can be given in the form of a text file on a flash drive or sent in advance using the online song submission form (click here, and don't forget to click the "upload" buttons before finishing the form). Additional paper copies of their lyric sheets for in-person attendees are also welcome.   

All participants who are presenting songs must grant the OKC Chapter permission to include the song in the meeting.  This permission is solicited as part of the online song submission form, but anyone who is not utilizing that form will also have the option to sign a written form in-person at the meeting.



For all NSAI Members, there is NO CHARGE for any in-person or virtual NSAI Chapter Meeting nationwide!  Those who are not NSAI Members but who would still like to attend a Chapter Meeting and receive feedback on one of their songs can attend two meetings for free, and then will be asked to pay an attendance fee of $15 per meeting.  Payment can be made using our online payment form (click here), or by bringing cash for Chapter Coordinators if attending the meeting in-person.





Beyond free participation in regional events like those held by the OKC Chapter, there are numerous benefits to NSAI membership!  Explore some of those benefits by reviewing NSAI's Learn About Membership page or by signing up for the Inside NSAI Seven Day Sneak Peek Series. Or, for those who already know they want to join, registration can be completed from this link (click here). Let them know you learned about NSAI from the Oklahoma City Chapter!