• Dummy syllables! Such as la, or da, or na, etc. can help you with a new melody. Choose a rhythm pattern or drum loop, record a few chords to that rhythm using either piano or guitar, and then formulate a melody using dummy syllables (da, na, la, etc). Play with different rhythms and timing on different beats. 

  • Random Idea Generator! Grab the third book on your bookshelf. Turn to page 54. Read the sixth sentence. Use those words to jumpstart a song (adapted from Joel Mabus). 

  • A Story Worth Telling! From biographical podcasts, obituaries in hometown newspapers to binge worthy documentaries and everything in between... listen intently. It's captivating your attention for a reason. What is the story being told? What parts do you connect with? Who are the charachters that you find most interesting? Now write a line, a verse, a title and/or full song that tells the story of the part you connected with the most.