NSAI Central Arkansas Chapter

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Meetings consist of reviewing a lesson on a craft or a music business related subject and a holding a song feedback session. Members should bring one song to share and at least four lyric sheets.

January 12, 2019
10 am - 1 pm
Second Presbyterian Church
600 Pleasant Valley Dr
Little Rock, AR 72227
United States
Topics in the craft and song Feedback. Second Saturday of the month

Welcome To Our Chapter!



Donovan Tucker
Charlie Crow

Chapter News and Events

Hi guys ! We will not be holding a regular workshop on the second Saturday in November. Instead we are hosting a Pro Workshop and seminar conducted by Nashville writers Rafe Van How and Wood Newton . Tickets are available to NSAI members for $20 , and non members $25. IN addition, Wood and Rafe are going to perform a show on Friday November 16 at Khalils. Tickets for members for that are 15$ , but if you want to attend both events as a member its $25 total. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn for two guys who have a boatload of experience and success as writers, artists, producers and publishers. Please let us know if you plan to attend either or both events by emailing Don at dontkr7@gmail.com , or Jim at Jpollock032@gmail.com. Please come !

NSAI News and Events



  • You must be an NSAI Member (non-expired) to play a song
  • Songs must be played as a recording (no live performances)
  • You must be an NSAI Member to vote on the song submissions
  • Members can vote even if they don't have a song submitted for voting
  • Coordinators songs will not be in consideration during the voting rounds at the chapter meetings to maintain impartiality. 
  • Coordinators can't be co-writers on the chapter member submissions to avoid any bias. 


  • Coordinators songs will not be in consideration during the voting rounds at the chapter meetings to maintain impartiality. 
  • Based on the volume of submissions- coordinators reserve the right to limit song listening session to 1st verse and chorus  if necessary.  
  • Although you can attend multiple chapter meetings and submit one song at each for the voting round, If you are selected as the winner at one chapter, you cannot win at another.  


We will announce the individual chapter winners in May after all names and songs have been collected by NSAI. 

The final announcement regarding songs selected by ole is TBD. 



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