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Meetings consist of reviewing a lesson on the craft of songwriting or a music business related subject. We then host a feedback session where participants share a song with the group. Members should bring a song to share and lyric sheets for the group.

May 31, 2021 (monthly on the last Monday of the month. Excluding dates: May 31, 2021)
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Next NSAI Chapter Challenge Set For April 2021



February 8th, 2021 (Nashville, Tenn.) - Anthem Entertainment has offered single-song contracts to two Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) members as a result of the most recent NSAI Chapter Challenge. Sal Cosentino, member of the NSAI New York City Chapter, was selected for his song “Truth Is,” and Linda Sclafani, member of the NSAI Columbus, Ohio Chapter, was chosen for her song, “One More Round of Cheer.
“We were so impressed with the songs presented in this year’s Chapter Challenge that we were thrilled to extend single-song contracts to two NSAI Members, Sal Cosentino and Linda Sclafani.” said Tim Hunze of Anthem Entertainment. “We are partnering with NSAI once again for another Chapter Challenge and look forward to exploring another group of songs and songwriters!”
The upcoming NSAI Chapter Challenge will take place April 2021, where nearly 100 NSAI Regional Chapters will hold a Chapter Challenge meeting for the first phase. Any member who opts to participate will present one song at their local chapter during the designated meeting, and all members present will vote on their favorite submission which will advance to the second stage. In the second stage, NSAI representatives will review each winning song along with each Regional Chapter Coordinator submission to narrow down to a final group of songs presented to Anthem Entertainment for contract consideration.
“The Anthem Chapter Challenge offers a unique chance for our members to not only be heard by one of America’s top global publishing companies, but also the incredible opportunity for one or more of them to receive a contract where Anthem will attempt to get theirs songs placed with an artist and/or in film or television,” said NSAI Regional Chapter Director McKenzie Parker.  “NSAI has thousands of members who write great songs but don’t pursue songwriting as a full-time career.  This is a unique and unprecedented opportunity for them to have a professional relationship with a great publishing company.”
Sal Cosentino, a Brooklyn, NY based songwriter, has been an NSAI member for 5 years. Sals other recent songwriting successes include having original songs represented by multiple sync agencies and landing his first ad placement through Songtradr. 
“Joining NSAI was one of the most important decisions I have ever made as a songwriter,” said Sal Cosentino.“Through NSAI, I have gained insight and knowledge about writing and re-writing, I have had the opportunity to participate in unique events, such as Song Camp, monthly Chapter Meetings, Chapter Challenges, Pitch to Publishers, and more. In addition, I have been able to meet, network and write with other talented writers.”
Linda Sclafani began writing songs in New York City while playing local venues. She continues to perform with her husband/co-writer locally and internationally.
“It is an honor, and I can’t thank NSAI enough for giving us all the opportunity to learn, grow, collaborate, and take part in the wonderful events and challenges you provide.” – Linda Sclafani
For more information on the upcoming NSAI Chapter Challenge with Anthem Entertainment, set to take place in April 2021, visit



NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (January 15, 2021) –  The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Anti-Trust Division head Makan Delrahim today addressed DOJ’s review of the ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees.

NSAI has encouraged DOJ to make no immediate changes to the decrees.  Rather, we advocated allowing time for the impact of the new Music Modernization act to be fully realized.  This is the path DOJ took. Delrahim largely spoke about the four-year review process during the tenure.  He made few specific recommendations, but the two NSAI wants to highlight are:

COMPULSORY LICENSES – He said compulsory licenses “are not the answer” and that any future changes Congress may consider should allow songwriters the ability to negotiate in the free market.  This is something NSAI and songwriters have advocated for decades.

FIVE-YEAR REVIEW – He suggested DOJ consider reviewing ASCAP and BMI Consent Decrees every five years.  That essentially means a never-ending review process.  Such frequency should only happen with a stated goal of ELIMINATING the decrees.

Delrahim applauded ASCAP and BMI for launching their new SONGVIEW database which will allow music users/licensees to more easily find song ownership data.  This is an important step NSAI joins him in praising.



NASHVILLE, TN (December 21, 2020) - NSAI is excited to share the local chapter finalists for the 2020 NSAI Chapter Challenge with Anthem Entertainment. NSAI thanks each of its members for being a part of our Virtual Chapter Challenge this November. We received 79 coordinator submissions and had 63 NSAI members that were finalists at their local chapters. Songs selected by a listening committee at NSAI will be sent to Anthem Entertainment for consideration for a single-song contract. Congratulations!


The 2021 Chapter Challenge will take place in April throughout NSAI’s 100 Regional Chapters. Any member can bring one song to their local chapter meeting and members select the winning entry.  All NSAI Regional Chapter coordinators are also allowed to submit one song. NSAI narrows those songs down to a list of finalists before submitting them for consideration by the publishing partner.

Organization Will Use Challenge to Create New Member Opportunities
As information and advice has continued to evolve, we have made the decision to stop NSAI Regional Chapter meetings for now and to close the NSAI office in Nashville to the public until further notice. 
During this time, our entire staff will be working from home to offer a new level of online service to our members.  All online programs and services will continue to be available and our phone lines will remain open. 
Member representatives and mentors can and will continue to hold meetings via electronic means. 
Please stay tuned to the NSAI website and socials for updates as we continue to navigate this difficult situation.

For any questions, please contact us at