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JULY 2022:

VIDEO: The Intersection of Art and Commerce

VIDEO: The House That Built Me ft. Allen Shamblin

BLOG: Songspiration by Songwriter and Producer Jessica Sharman


JUNE 2022:

VIDEO: Becoming A Pro - Songwriter ft Jenn Schott + Bart Herbison

VIDEO: Every Cut Counts: The Importance of Patiencce and Persistence In Songwriting ft Brian White

BLOG: Advice On Getting A Publishing Deal From Warner Chappell's Will Overton


MAY 2022:

VIDEO: Complete The Story: Tim Nichols On Writing, Re-Writing, + Finishing A Song

VIEDO: Is It Finished Ft. Jason Blume

BLOG: 2022 Tin Pan South Songwriting Seminar: The official Recap by NSAI's Nora Hanna

BLOG: Advice On Evaluating + Editing Your Own Songs From Songwriter Amanda Williams


APRIL 2022:

VIDEO: SONGWRITER STORIES: Chasing After You ft. Chase Addington

VIEDO: Feel It Into Greatness: Using Emotion To Craft A Song ft. Steve Bogard

VIDEO: Collaboration + Crossing Genres: Learn The Rules to Break Them ft. Jack Newsome

BLOG: Noticed in Nashville by Brett Beavers

MARCH 2022:
VIDEO: Everything You Need to Know About Sync ft. Alex Stefano 
VIDEO: Sync 101 ft. Heather Cook
VIDEO: Getting Into Sync: Tips + Techniques for Songwriters ft. John DeFaria
BLOG: 6 Different Ways to Write for Sync ft. Tracdy & Vance Marino 

How to Find + Keep Co-Writers ft. Will Duvall
VIDEO: Story Behind the Song: "I'm Not Going Anywhere" ft. Kelly Lang
VIDEO: Songwriting Reflections: When Co-Writing Goes Right ft. Troy Verges
VIDEO: Party Like A Rockstar: An Interview with JT Harding
VIDEO: 3 Essential Quick Tips on Co-Writing ft. Bart Herbison 
BLOG: Reflections on the Art of Co-Writing ft. Jim Beavers